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  • Are you struggling to grow your practice?
  • Are you working too many hours and not making enough money?
  • Are you working remotely?
  • Feeling lonely?
  • Wish you had some people around to bounce things off of?


Sometimes you have a bad call with a client or a prospect and you just need to bounce things off of someone.

Or you are getting ready for a call and you would love to have someone you can talk to in order to be sure you're adequately prepared.

Three years ago I developed a mastermind group with the intention of documenting how I would grow my accounting practice.

Three years later it has evolved into a mastermind group of some of the most amazing people in the accounting industry. 

Each week we run two weekly Zoom calls and we have a private Slack Workspace where the conversation continues 24/7/365

We have over 100 members and counting who can attest to the value of this program.

Ask around in the Facebook groups, and see what people say.

Just $197 Monthly - Cancel Anytime

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The 97 & Up program will be in there, and you'll find a member guide to help you navigate the program.

It's a robust program with a lot of resources. The idea is to give you a ton of value, and to keep it coming.

You will also receive an email when you sign up. 

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This email will give you the information for how to join the Private Slack Workspace.

Back in your course locker you will be able to start on your course right away.

The first part of the course walks you through a time management exercise and then a financial modeling exercise. 

Don't worry. You don't need to know a whole lot of Excel or Google Sheets. You'll have plenty of time to learn that in the program. In this exercise you are going to fill in a bunch of information about your practice so we can map out your plan for how you'll get to your desired revenue goals.

Everything rolls into a monthly and then a daily goal sheet.

This is how you will learn to stay highly focused. 

Balance comes from the time management plan.

Focus comes from having the goal and a process that forces you to look at it daily.

This is that process.

This is the way.


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WARNING: I reserve the right to pull this bonus at any time!

For a limited time I'm offering all new 97 & Up Members unrestricted access to all of my "Process and Workflow Design" Training Courses Absolutely FREE as part of my program.

These courses sell between $197 and $747. 

So what's the value of this bonus?

Realistically, PRICELESS!

But if I had to put a number on it... it's easily valued at $2,000!

PLUS, I continually add to this training collection regularly.

Just $197 Monthly - Cancel Anytime

Just $197 Monthly and Here's a Recap of Everything You Get (For a Limited Time)...

And you can cancel anytime... no strings attached.

The Benefits are Enormous:


  • You're going to learn how to manage your time well which will help you get a lot more done in less time. When you are well rested, you are better focused. You don't need to work 80 hours per week. You can work 40 and be highly focused!
  • You are going to learn how to set and manage attainable goals, which is going to help you increase your income without having to work so many hours that you never have time to enjoy anything!
  • Need to learn an app or learn it better? We do that in our weekly calls. This will help you work more effectively, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy, so you can get more done in less time, while charging more!
  • You'll have access to our private Slack Workspace and this will help you bounce ideas around as well as learn from the collective experience of all of our members, and that is substantial!
  • Anything you need help with in any area of your practice, all you have to do is ask. Someone in the group (likely several) will help you get the answers you need.
  • You never have to be stuck on anything.
  • Having a group like this behind you will boost your confidence, because you'll know that you have a resource behind you which can answer all of your problems.
  • You have to do the footwork.
  • We provide the guidance.
  • This works for anyone at any level of experience
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed and Cancel Anytime


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