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I Will Personally Help You Plug in My System So You Can Get the Same Work Done in Half the Time. 

The first group for my newest program is now open for enrollment - join me as I help you plug in my work management system so you can capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage with everything you need to do, so you never worry about how you’re going to “get it all done!”


From Seth David
Nov 13th, 2023


Dear Accountant,

I talk to many of you on a daily basis and the consensus is that even though you are using that “project management app” that everyone else is using and raving about, you still struggle to keep on top of everything. And you also struggle to find information when you need it.

This is because your project management tool is not a “knowledge management” tool, nor is it a system for managing knowledge.

Most of you don’t realize this, but you write tasks that create more stress instead of relieving it.

This is because you’ve been given many apps to use for “project management” but no one has taught you a system for how to use these apps.

The result is that we think the app is how we create the system, but in reality, it works the other way around.

Having missed the important step of defining the system, you get stuck and confused about why you still struggle to manage everything.

So, you start looking for a new app only to find yourself in the same situation in another month or two, and the cycle continues.

Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is if you don’t have a system that can be defined without the app in the mix, the app will not only not help you, but it will also likely cause more stress.

The good news is that I can help you plug in my “Work Management System” which will give you that system for how to use the app.

And I’ve built out everything you need in a robust Notion template.

This is exactly what we will be working on together in my Bulletproof Notion Work Management System.

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

 Nerd’s Bulletproof Notion Work Management Template

  • As soon as you register check your welcome email for a link to access the template.

  • Make sure you’re logged into your own Notion account and click “Duplicate” at the top right.

  • Video instructions will be provided.

  • This plus the course modules below will give you everything you need in this entire Work Management System.

But that's just the beginning...

Module 1

Getting Started

  • First, I want you to understand why this system works!

  • Then I want to make sure you understand how all of the parts of the template are interconnected.

  • So, I give you an overview of the entire template system in Notion.

  • This will prepare you and help you understand why I have you do the very first thing - the very first habit I want you to form.

But that's not all, you're also learning...

Module 2


  • The Bulletproof Journal is the cornerstone of this whole entire system.

  • Right at the start this will give you a place where you can put things throughout your day.

  • This will eliminate a frequent disruption in your thought process that likely occurs many times per day.

  • The next most important thing is to build your network. Your network is your net worth, they say!

  • Your CRM is an area that you will think of every day in your journal when it asks you to consider, “whom do you want to get in touch with today?”

  • You will learn the one critical feature that helps you make sure you stay in touch with the right people on the right frequency.

Next up, we'll focus on communications...

Module 3


  • You are going to learn how to get and keep your inbox clean once and for all.

  • Even if you have 1,000 emails in there now, you will learn how to quickly chisel that down to inbox zero.

  • Then you are going to define your communications systems:

    • Internally
    • With your clients
    • With colleagues

  • Perhaps most importantly you are going to define what is NOT acceptable.

    • Texts
    • Whatsapp
    • You can increase the list

  • The clearer you are on your communications systems, the clearer you can be about it with everyone you work with.

And now we bring out the big guns...

Module 4

Planning and Work Management

  • This is where the rubber meets the road.

  • You’ll learn how to set up a new client (and your own firm).

  • Then you have 15 different templates to learn.

  • These templates give you specific outlines for how to define everything from your onboarding process to a simple task.

  • And you will see and learn how to manage everything you need to do for every client (and your own firm).

  • Finally, you will begin to see how you can find ANYTHING you are looking for in 30 seconds or less.

And here's more HUGE time savers...

Module 5


  • Resources are your reference library for information storage and retrieval.

  • Your company Wiki is where you can send anyone you hire for reference information.

  • This is also how you cut out the scavenger hunt.

And now you become your own CIO...

Module 6

Managing Information

  • You are now the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of your practice.

  • In this section you will learn how to manage this entire system from a bird’s eye view.

  • This is where you can see how everything is organized, categorized, and easily referenced.

  • Finally, you will see how this all comes together as a “neural network” which is how your brain works.

  • By this point you will see clearly why you have both a system, and the right app to build your neural network and your second brain.

  • This is the ultimate knowledge management system.

And now for some fun learning...

Module 7

Notion Design

  • This is perhaps for the more right brained people (like Seth) who want to learn how to build stuff in Notion.

  • Seth will review some of the basics that you’ve already seen earlier in the course.

  • Then you will learn how to design your own templates.

  • Finally, you will learn how to build out whole areas within Notion for different purposes and how to “keep it all together.”

And you're never left alone...

Slack Community

  • Lifetime membership in our dedicated bulletproof notion Slack community.

  • Get answers 24/7/365 from Seth and other experienced members in the community.

  • This is also a great way to get inspiration.

  • Sharing screenshots of what you are doing in Notion is encouraged.

  • This helps everyone get ideas for what will help them improve their system.
Yes, I Want to Get Nerd's Bulletproof Notion Work Management System

Why am I doing this?


It’s simple. I have spent 25 years building my business based on a single guiding principle.


To find as many ways as I can to be useful to others...


I have spent this time working as an accountant and a bookkeeper, and much of that experience has been spent learning how to develop the most efficient and effective systems so I can get more done and have more fun.


During this time, I have probably helped tens of thousands of accountants and bookkeepers achieve their professional goals of becoming more efficient, more effective, and more accurate in their work. And this has taken their careers to new heights.


If you feel like this is right for you, click below and enroll in “Nerd’s Bulletproof Notion Work Management System” now.

Yes, I Want to Get Nerd's Bulletproof Notion Work Management System

Want to know why this work management system works so well?


Here’s why my Bulletproof Notion Work Management System works so well and helps accountants and bookkeepers reduce or remove stress and get things done.


The systems I have drawn from in creating these templates are long standing proven systems like David Allen’s Getting Things Done and Nick Sonnenberg’s CPR Framework, plus my nearly 3 decades of working and obsessing on what makes people more productive and what distracts them.

This includes probably thousands of articles I’ve read from many different sources which have taught be about everything from the psychology behind productivity to the most basic common-sense things. The kinds of things that are so obvious we often overlook or discount them.


This “system” could work with any app, and it could work without one. The point is, it is a “system” and not just an app that is devoid of any system or instructions for how to incorporate one into how you use the app.


Then you have a very robust course and a very active community who will support you and make sure that you have everything you need to succeed.


Your clients will be blown away at how on top of things you are. How you never drop a ball, and all they need to do is mention something they need you to do for them and it just gets done.


You may even find you are more adept at recognizing when something that is requested of you represents an increase in scope, so you agree to do it, and they know you can and will get it done, but they will pay you more for the extra work.


Your results will show your transition from being stressed out and burnt out to being relaxed and refreshed and ready to work.


A huge bonus of this program is that your confidence will grow.


A system that puts you in the spotlight as someone who can always be counted on to get things done is a fantastic way to boost your self-esteem when you are able to be that much more useful to others.


Then there is the effect this will have on things at home. You’ll be more relaxed and more present when you spend time with your family and loved ones.

Here’s What to do Next


If you want help on how to capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage with everything you need to do, simply click the link below, fill out the form with your details and complete the purchase.


Enrollment in Nerd’s Bulletproof Notion Work Management System costs $747.00.


But the way I see it, this is not a cost. It’s an investment in yourself - and possibly one of the best ones you can make.


What other skill, app, course, or program has the ability to change your work-life balance, increase your income and impact your day-to-day wellbeing.


Getting this right can have tremendously positive ripple effects on your life.


Being great at accounting and bookkeeping is a big one too, and I’ve got you covered there with my many other programs.

Yes, I Want to Get Nerd's Bulletproof Notion Work Management System

Here’s What Happens After That


Once you fill out the form and complete signup, you will have instant access to the course on my site. If you don’t already have an account on my site, you will receive an email with your login details.


From there you will have 24/7 access to all of the course materials, which includes the videos (36 lessons and counting) and of course the template.


When you log into my site and access your course library, you will find the link to study this course. Once you are in, you will arrive at your “Dashboard” which will have a summary and each link you need to access the template and very importantly the Slack community.


This means you can start optimizing your workflows right away, whether it’s early in the morning, late at night, weekends, weekdays, doesn’t matter. But soon you won’t have to work on the weekends.


You have complete flexibility and control over when and how you learn, and CHECK THIS OUT!


One of the templates you have access to, is a template for how to go through a course. That’s right, you will be using Notion to make notes and keep track of where you are in this very course!


And if you need any help or support my team is here, but remember we have the Slack Workspace which is already very lively with my beta group. Between them, me, and the others who join you can expect to have 24/7/365 support on anything you need help with.


You will not be alone in this.


The live Q&A sessions will be a fantastic opportunity for you to gather your questions and get direct answers from me. You will be able to share your screen and show me what you’ve got, what you are trying to accomplish, and I will guide you.


All of these sessions will be recorded and made available in the course.


So, what are you waiting for?


Click below and take advantage of this special offer.

Yes, I Want to Get Nerd's Bulletproof Notion Work Management System

Yes, I Want to Change My Life by Learning Nerd’s Bulletproof Notion Work Management System

Yes, I Want to Get Nerd's Bulletproof Notion Work Management System

Now sign up or I will cut you 🔪

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