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Mastering Excel and Sheets

In this course I am going to give you exercise files to download so that you can practice what you’re learning as you learn it. During the live sessions I will demonstrate something and then have you work on the same data in your choice of Google Sheets or Excel.

Hands on Access

Those of you who are panelists (platinum access) will be able to share your screen and have me review your work.

Who needs this course and why?

If you are an accountant or bookkeeper and you don’t feel like you have mastered Excel and Google Sheets, then you must have this course.

There is so much that you can do so much more efficiently when you know your way around a spreadsheet. Whether you’re analyzing Sales Data from a client’s website, or prepping a year’s worth of banking so you can import it directly in a matter of hours, which would otherwise have taken weeks to get coded and reconciled.


Your Course Lessons:

Lesson 1 - Introduction To Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

You will get an exercise file to work on some basic exercises…

We’ll start with some navigation and keyboard shortcuts so you can learn to get around a spreadsheet with lightening speed.

Then we’ll look at every aspect of what’s in a “cell” in a spreadsheet.

You’ll learn simple formulas to start with, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Finally in lesson 1 we will look at different kinds of Lists and the Fill command. 

Lesson 2 - Formatting Your Data

In lesson 2 you will get an exercise file with a bunch data of various types in it.

Once you open up your exercise file I will work with you on a series of exercises for taking raw data, and making it pop off of your screen.

This is important for a number of reasons, especially because you want to make it ridiculously easy for users of your financial information to understand what it is that you want them to see.

In this lesson I will even show you how to use a client’s logo to customize a spreadsheet so that it is branded for your client. 

Lesson 3 - Data Analysis, Filtering, Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

In lesson 3 you will get an exercise file with a LOT of data in it from varying sources (bank accounts, sales data, contact lists, and more).

This is the lesson where you will learn how to slice and dice data so you can get ANY kind of information out of it and move it, format it, and ultimately present it to clients and their stakeholders in really powerful ways.

And you’ll be able to do this lightening fast!

After we finish this lesson you will not believe what you are able to do, and how quickly you can get it done!

Lesson 4 - Forecasts and Financial Modeling

In Lesson 4 we’ll start by building a simple budget with a time line.

Then we will take a set of financial statements from the sample QBO company and use them to build and balance a cash flow forecast.

By the end of this lesson you will have your own template for this as well as the blueprint for how to build this for any client based directly on THEIR financials and chart of accounts!