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How to Use Synced Blocks in Notion

notion Sep 18, 2023

Notion has so many features and functions that it can be a bit like drinking water from a firehose. With apps like this I find it’s best to reserve learning features for the use cases where those features become useful. 


You would never want to plan on learning every little thing it can do. You’d be studying the app for a long time before you could get anything meaningful done on that basis. 


In my Bulletproof Notion Beta I have instructed everyone about the daily process that I have.


In the bigger picture we have an entire Work Management system where you track everything you have to do and everyone you have to do things for, but day to day there are times where you just need a quick punch list of simple things to do. They may or may not be for a client, but it just isn’t important enough to track it permanently in your work management system.


Take for example this short list of supplements I needed to order. I listed them on the 12th of the month and now it’s the 19th and I still haven’t ordered them. 


Normally I have told everyone to copy and paste these each day from the previous day until they get done. Or if more than a couple of days go by without getting them done, then maybe they do need to be transferred into a task in your work management system. 


Then recently something occurred to me, that makes this process even better. 


A synced block. 


By copying a synced block from one day to the next, once I get it done and I check the items off, they will be checked off in each of the other copies. This eliminates the potential confusion when I am looking at a previous day’s journal entry about whether or not these things got done. 


This is one simple use case, but now that you understand how to use it, what other use cases might you have for it?


If you’re in 97 & Up, jump into our Slack Workspace and let me know in the apps-notion channel. 


If you’re not in 97 & Up, join us! It’s a lot of fun and we learn a ton!


Alternatively you can join my free Guide to the Galaxy Slack Workspace and I have a notion channel in there as well. 


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