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accounting and bookkeeping bulletproof bookkeeping process and workflow design productivity roadmap webinar Apr 06, 2023

Here’s the roadmap for Nerd’s Courses for 2023


Welcome, intro and 97 & Up


First, how is everyone doing? It’s been a crazy few years with lots and lots of changes. 


As I think most of you know I have been at this for a long time now and it’s been a bumpy road but it has also been an extremely rewarding one. 


I am all in all the time now with my content creation and educational platform. As of yesterday I’ve officially announced that I am no longer taking on accounting services clients. To that end I am implementing a referral program exclusive to members of 97 & Up. These are the people I am in touch with every week and I know their commitment to their craft, so these are the ones I am most comfortable referring to. 


While I am at it, here’s a quick look at what we’re doing currently in 97 & Up. It’s all about building a library of resources for you.


This is our 97 & Up Home Page built in Notion:


  • Recordings by section
  • The Book Club
  • Industry Specific calls - not as much about how to do the bookkeeping, as about processes from getting the clients to systems for serving them. 
  • Our request form - you drive the content - you request it and if I or someone I know has the experience, you’re welcome to it. 
  • Many courses included.
  • Discounts all every other course or program I offer. 


In short I get the feedback from our members to find out what they want, and I put the program together for you with my “galactic super powers” for getting and keeping things organized. 

Updates to the website and community

Review my navigation and get familiar with the resources I offer.


My Accounting Services page is about to get an extreme overhaul. We’re no longer taking on accounting services clients. Instead I am building a database of 97 & Up members and the industries they serve so I can refer inquiries to them. 


  • Courses and Training
  • Our Galaxy
    • This is brand new. This is where you can essentially see every solar system in our galaxy 😜
  • Resources
  • About Us
  • Media
  • Support


Existing Courses


Course Catalog in Notion

First, the eCommerce course. 


I have all but 5 lessons fully published. 

I held off on Shipstation and Square, because I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get good data to work with in those apps so I can properly demonstrate them. I don’t have any clients in these aps. Some people were helpful and sent me some screenshots, but I really need access to good live data. 


I recently released a 1 hour lesson on how to import Shopify Sales with SaasAnt. This is a comprehensive lesson that shows you how to import your inventory items if needed, and then how to import the Shopify sales.


This leaves my PayPal and Stripe Import Lessons which I will have done in the next 2 weeks or so.


Then I plan to record a video on how to manage sales tax in QuickBooks Online. I really don’t want to do this one and I’ll tell you why…


If you are running an eCommerce business, by the time the sale hits QuickBooks Online, it’s too late to handle sales taxes. The sale has been made, and the customer’s money has been collected. At this point you would have to eat it.


In short, sales tax has to be calculated and collected at the time and point of sale. 


But I do want you to understand the accounting flow on this, so you can tell when something doesn’t look right in the way the app you’re using is calculating and posting sales taxes.


There are appendices where I promised some videos on how to build the Airtable Inventory Management Systems I showed you in these lessons:


  • Manage Inventory with Airtable Part 1 - Simple Inventory
  • Manage Inventory with Airtable Part 2 - Manufacturing


I’ve had exactly one person express an interest in these so I am not rushing to get them done, but if a few more people make it apparent that these would be of value I will get them done.


The price of this course is going up to the original “Bulletproof Bookkeeping Price of $2,497” by April 7, 2023 


Business Valuation and Analytics

Want to offer strategic and advisory services to clients? Here’s the training you need so that you can do exactly that!



The price of this course is going up to $1,497” by April 7, 2023 


Bulletproof Bookkeeping® Course with QuickBooks Online for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

The course you have come to know for real estate brokers is getting an update.


I am going to clean up some of the lessons in the Broker course, and I am going to add a module for Real Estate Agents. This will be included in the existing course. 


Expected release date for the updates to the course is Jun 5, 2023


The price of this course will be increased to $1,497 by Jun 5, 2023


Bulletproof Bookkeeping Mastery Course

The following lessons are going to be produced and added to this course during the remainder of this year:

Sales Customers Inventory and Accounts Receivable

  • Sales Tax
  • Customer Deposits - Record the Deposit
  • Customer Deposits - Apply the Deposit to An Invoice


Expenses Vendors and Accounts Payable

  • Prepaid Expenses and Amortization
  • 1099s


Fixed Assets

  • How to record and manage Fixed Assets


Simple Job Costing

  • Job Costing with Customers
  • Job Costing with Projects


Management Reports

  • Sales by Product
  • Sales by Customer

The price of this course is going up to the original “Bulletproof Bookkeeping Price of $2,497” by April 7, 2023 

New courses coming out:


Nerd’s Bulletproof Notion - Planned Release Sep 4, 2023

This will be a comprehensive course and resource with templates for everything for your personal life and your business. From your pet’s veterinary appointments to every task and o do for your clients, the books you read and take notes on, web clippings, daily journal template, a wiki for your business as well as one for your personal life, the restaurants you like to eat at, or order in from, and other forms of entertainment you enjoy. 


Bulletproof Bookkeeping® Course with QuickBooks Online for Property Owners & Flippers - Planned Release November 6, 2023.

This is a big and long anticipated one. Originally scheduled for release earlier this year, but I want to make sure this one is 100% complete before launching and I don’t want to rush. I want to do this right. 


I have some other ideas, but I don’t want to promise anything more just yet.


I have my work cut out for me. 


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