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Should You Stay or Should You Go Re LastPass?

Jan 25, 2023

Last year as I was planning on putting together this Guide To The Galaxy resource, I was thinking about what would make this resource really valuable. 


As someone who LOVES playing with a myriad of productivity apps, I thought it would be useful to write some content that showed you a group of apps within a certain area, and one category that came to mind was Password Managers. 


https://twitter.com/IntuitAccts/status/1612600360023064576 [Embed this in the final article]


So it was in the plans, and as you’ll see in this video, I outlined some of the top apps that I had either played with myself or got feedback from others in the accounting community on what apps they had tried and loved. These are people whose experience I have come to trust and respect over many years. 


Here’s the list:



Of course, there are more. Most recently some members of my 97 & Up group are looking at Nordpass and they seem to like it. 


And then the LastPass breach happened!


In the meantime, I had already been playing a bit with Dashlane. More than a bit, actually. I have been running it simultaneously with LastPass, so every time I log into a site with LastPass, the Dashlane browser extension comes up and asks if I want to save that info to Dashlane and I do. 


Little by little, I am moving everything over.


However, as Erica (who works with me) mentioned, for client and collaboration purposes she and I need to be on the same page, using the same thing. 


I might stick with Dashlane for my own stuff and 1Password for my clients. 


Should you stick with LastPass? This has been a big source of discussion in my 97 & Up group. 


The first question is, do you trust their security? According to everything I’ve read, the hackers were able to make copies of users' Vaults in LastPass. But LastPass doesn’t keep your Master Password anywhere. 


Can they still hack the vaults? I would have to assume they probably can. Luckily, they only have the vaults based on their state at a moment in time. So if you go in and change all of your passwords now, the hackers won’t have them. 


Next, there is the question of how LastPass handled this as a company. They’ve had breaches in the past and they were always very forthcoming with the information. The key difference, I think, is that this time, the hackers were able to make copies of the vaults. In the past, the hackers were never able to get any information. 


At first, Lastpass seemed to deprecate the seriousness of this breach, and then they had to admit the full extent of it. Many people are really unhappy with how they’ve handled it.


And here’s the final question I think we have to ask ourselves…


Even if I think it’s safe to continue using LastPass, what about my clients? As an accountant, my job is to protect my clients. 


If I were to tell my clients today that I am keeping their logins in my LastPass account, would that inspire confidence in them that I am protecting them adequately? Will they feel safe?


My thinking is no. 


I would not feel comfortable telling my clients that I was putting their information in LastPass. Especially not when there are so many viable alternatives out there. 


Watch the video and leave your comments on the Discord Server so we can discuss. 


I would love to know which option you have tried and loved!



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