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Dear Galaxy Members,

It has been many years and a long road to get here, but I’m here. I’ve had many experiences spanning a wide range of interests and it all landed me right here where I am sitting right now.

I am at a place in my life where peace is a priority. I make deliberate choices to protect my mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

What I love about this image is I do a version of this every single day with my two Goddesses..

So here we are. This is my galaxy and I want to take you on a trip. I want to show you all of the things I’ve learned and then everything I continue to learn.

I give myself about 10 years and then I’m hanging it up. At that time I will be a little over 60. I will always write. I am certain of that because it is something I love to do. But I will absolutely not be committed to anything that has any kind of deadline attached to it. It’s just that simple. I will do what I want and nothing that I don’t want.

My Guide to the Galaxy is about me showing you everything. And you can take what you need and leave what you don’t. I will continue to teach you about accounting, bookkeeping, and productivity. I will continue to indulge my obsession with finding newer and better ways to get and stay organized. And I will also show you how behind the scenes I have used my experience in recovery from alcohol and drugs and infused that into everything I’ve done with Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

Hint: It’s always been about being of service.

There is so much that I’ve done in so many places.

Nerd’s Guide To The Galaxy is the culmination and consolidation of everything that shapes me as a person. The good experiences and of course the bad. Bad experiences are often where we experience the most growth, so we shouldn’t discount them.

I hope that everyone in the accounting and small business community who need help, support, and fellowship or sisterhood, will find this - Nerd’s Guide To The Galaxy at their destination. I hope that my testimony and my experience, strength, and hope will help you sweep away prejudice, enable you to think honestly, and encourage you to search diligently within yourself to find the incredible power and inspiration that lies deep within each and every one of you.

I believe that deep down inside every man, woman, and child is the fundamental idea of a power that is greater than any human power and it lifts us up and guides us when we need it and when we seek it.

It is my belief based on my own experience that with the right attitude you cannot fail. That attitude has to be one of gratitude and perseverance. In short. You never give up.

Welcome to Nerd’s Guide To The Galaxy where I will be your personal guide to anything and everything I’ve had experience with.

You never want my opinions about anything, but if I’ve had the experience, you’re welcome to it.



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