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The Clear Your Cookies Podcast is about fresh starts. New Beginnings. When your browser starts running slow or things don't seem to be working quite right, it's time to clear your cookies. This podcast is about clearing your cookies in the browser of your life!

We've all had to start over. I know I have. Many times. There have been so many times I've wanted to give up. I was putting in way too much work and not seeing the "ROI" on it. I was putting SO much "out there" but it wasn't coming back to me in the way that I'd hoped.

Then one day a few things lined up, the most significant of which was a conversation I had with my brother when I was visiting with him in Israel. We were walking around in the Old City of Jerusalem, and the subject of finances came up.

When I returned home from that trip I took a good hard look at everything, and my focus shifted. I decided it was time to do what I heard from Gary Vaynerchuk in one of his videos. He said that there were many things we are all good at. But we have to focus on the ONE thing that we do better than anything else we do, and triple down on that.

For me that was creating educational content for accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners. That's when my Bulletproof Bookkeeping concept was born.

It seemed like everything changed overnight, but it wasn't overnight. It was many years of experience and struggles coming together, and then me shifting my focus every so slightly in the right direction.

Suddenly everything became clear. I knew exactly what I needed to do, and maybe more importantly I knew what I needed to say "no" to.




There are many podcasts out there with people sharing their opinions about many things. When I listen to them I often wonder if these people are just sharing opinions or if they are sharing “experience.”

In my career I have experienced many things across many areas of life, from getting clean from drugs and alcohol to starting a tech based accounting services firm which I evolved into one of the top training platforms for accounting and productivity.

The Nerd’s Guide To The Galaxy Podcast is just that. It’s my guide to and through all of the things I have experience with. And I’ve invited my good friend, Joshua Standley of DKK Accounting to come along and share HIS experience with you too.

Of course I will share about all things accounting and tech.

Some other areas of experience I have, have to do with Marketing and Content Creation, Health and Wellness, Addiction and Recovery, Process and Workflow Design, CFO and Advisory Services, and what I will stick under the general heading of “leadership!”

The bottom line on this is if I’ve had the experience with it, you’re welcome to it.

I hope that you will find things in my Guide To The Galaxy that provide value and inspiration along the way and entertainment, too, because if you’re not going to have fun doing it, what’s the point?!




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"Seth David from Nerd Enterprises, Inc. is a phenomenal teacher and mentor. One of his superpowers is simplifying and demonstrating things in a way that anyone can understand and apply. His courses are easy to follow, packed with valuable and useful information, and enjoyable to attend. He's also very approachable and responsive to questions. Highly recommend!" -- Courtney Holness, Avant Accounting Services 


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